In the beginning...

In 2009 I started experimenting with various vintage pieces I collected from the fleamarket. Through lots of trial and error, I discovered that by using thin wire that I crimped very tightly shut on both ends, I could create a true bangle bracelet that is closed and slips over the hand (saving the time it would take the wearer to deal with a clasp).

Unlike traditional bracelets that open with a loop, this method enabled me to use thinner wire that won't weigh down your wrist like traditional heavy bangles, thus giving you a light & dainty, jingly feel on your wrist.

My Frosted Willow® bangles are lightweight yet strong, and are easy to wear. If you enjoy stacking bangles, you can stack many together for the ultimate layered bangle look.

And since my new method of creating charm bangles does not require the use of soldering, I can also make bangles with many findings that would otherwise be damaged by regular soldering methods, such as gemstones, rhinestones, and vintage glass that normally could only be used in the creation of earrings, necklaces, or chain bracelets.

The result is a new kind of bangle bracelet with light & dainty thin wire, using various center pieces never before used in bangle bracelets.

You can stack and combine my various Frosted Willow bangles in many different ways to create your own signature look wheather you are looking for bangle charm bracelets of a nature or nautical theme, gemstone bangle bracelets, rhinestone bangle bracelets, initial bangle bracelets, friendship bangle bracelets, infinity bangle bracelets, or family bangle bracelets.

I create every bangle to order one at a time. This ensures that each piece is custom made to size for each order and I can accommodate most requests to personalize each piece or set of jewelry.

I am proud to be the original creator of thin wire stackable charm bangles that slip over the wrist so many people have fallen in love with, and one of the most popular jewelry designers on Etsy... My little Etsy shop has come a long way since I first started while still working full time as Interior Designer. Now it has become a family business. I am home with my 2 little girls and my parents help me with packaging, shipping and customer service while my husband is helping with listings and SEO.

I feel extremely lucky to be working with what I love most; creating jewelry, piece after piece, all while spending lots of time with my entire family.

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